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Emma Thompson→Stern Viva 2014

Love, love, love Emma Thompson! 

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Julianne Moore as “Famous Works of Art” by Peter Linderbergh - for Harper’s Bazaar

Seated Woman With Bent Knee by Egon Schiele, La Grande Odalisque by Ingres, Saint Praxidis by Vermeer, The Cripple by John Currin, Les danseuses by Edgar Degas, Madame X by John Singer, Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer, Woman With a Fan by Modigliani, Man Crazy Nurse #3 by Richard Prince, Adele Bloch Bauer I by Gustav Klimt.

This is everything! I love Julianne Moore! 

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Jonathan Groff - frontal in “Twelve Thirty” (gifs by alekzmx)

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Derek Brocklehurst is one of the hottest men on the internet. 

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irish-german actor michael fassbender is 37 today #happybirthday


irish-german actor michael fassbender is 37 today #happybirthday

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So adorable!

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